Protecting People, Environment and Assets

Corporate responsibility for Svenska means leading by example and engaging society in safeguarding quality of life. We believe that we as license partners make a difference in joint efforts to safeguard the wildlife and communities where we operate. 

We always strive to be a part of the development of our host countries, not only through the discovery and development of our assets, but also by delivering on social commitments to our host communities.

Our Health, Safety & Environmental pledge

We respect the rights of people our operations might affect, and we seek to avoid adverse human effects.

Our joint venture agreements with business partners include an evaluation of available industry practices and technologies to best protect human health, safety and the environment (HSE). 

Clear HSE standards in daily operations contribute to operational excellence and systemic integrity. Committing to that vision, Svenska maintains an HSE culture and organization to oversee operations.

The safe, responsible business we have run reflects a high level of corporate awareness that spans our various operational theatres. 

The build-up of health and safety oversight and practices are core to Svenska’s strategy of increasing our operating capability. HSE considerations remain a top priority in our own organisation and in the licences where we are partner. 

Local Support for Sustainable Growth

We always have social commitments that are part of our licence obligations, and in addition Svenska wants to support the local communities where we are present.

In an attempt to give back to the communities near our operations Svenska has successfully cooperated with SOS Children’s Villages for the past 10 years. The organisation focuses on family-based, long-term care for children who are unable to grow up with their biological families, in order to provide a much-needed sense of safety and stability. The goals of the work of SOS Children’s Villages are to end poverty, ensure quality education for all and to strive for peace, justice and strong institutions. 

Our cooperation with Tostan organisation means that Svenska is also supporting empowerment programs in 21 villages. Tostan is an Africa-based charity focused on human rights, sustainable development and positive social transformation in West Africa. They distance themselves from female genital mutilation, forced marriage and child marriage. Tostan focuses on the people in the villages and lets them decide how they want to work and which areas they want to put efforts into.

SOS Children's Villages and Tostan's work focus on supporting the local society which is clearly something Svenska supports.

Svenska pledges to: 

  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment for those involved in Svenska’s activities;
  • Operate in compliance with relevant regulations and requirements, striving to exceed these;
  • Encourage open and honest communication;
  • Continually improve our HSEQ performance and management system through reporting, monitoring and audits;
  • Identify and manage risks in all our activities to eliminate or minimise harm to people, the environment and assets;
  • Set realistic yet challenging HSEQ goals;
  • Minimise emissions and discharges from our operations;
  • Ensure that our operating partners place the appropriate emphasis on activities that could have a negative impact on the health and safety of personnel and the environment.