Entrepreneurs by heart

A vital factor in implementing Svenska’s expansion strategy and in carrying out our operating activities is Svenska’s skilled and dedicated personnel.

Access to skilled personnel is ensured through consciously working towards the development of a project-oriented organisation. The Group’s ambition is to unite different cultures and establish a common approach in the Group. 

Today, our highly diversified team comprises more than 15 nationalities and more than 400 years of oil industry experience. The Company’s project-based organizational structure allows for flexibility and key market presence with offices in Stockholm, London and Bissau. 

A dynamic structure

A dynamic yet flat company structure efficiently connects exploration expertise in London and Stockholm via modern communication systems, frequent dialogue and up-to-date working tools.

A management group providing decades of international experience guides our teams working in several of the world’s richest petroleum basins. 

Consolidating our existing offshore portfolio and entering new onshore regions is a priority for Svenska.

The quest to find high-value licence stakes has become a recruiting advantage, as talented staff find rewards overseeing licences and assimilating the experience of international projects. 

We are entrepreneurs at heart, always ready to explore new ventures.

Offers from Svenska

Currently there are no vacant positions.