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During 2017, Svenska has had a strong focus on new opportunities in Oman and West Africa. The exploration activities in Guinea-Bissau have increased, following approval of the licence extension.

Throughout the year we have continued our exploration new ventures work in these regions. Based on previous years’ regional screening work, we have been focusing on specific countries this year. We have attended several data rooms in Oman and we have acquired a good understanding of the geology and the prospectivity, both on- and off-shore in order to evaluate farm-in possibilities. In 2016 we participated in a licensing round in Oman, but unfortunately we did not get any award. Now we are working on a new round on-shore, to be concluded in 2018. During the past year we have seen several farm-ins in Oman and placed a bid, but we did not reach an agreement.

In West Africa, our regional studies on prospectivity have continued with common risk segments and mapping. Our screening work in the Republic of the Congo, Gabon and Cameroon has built a solid foundation to evaluate future licensing rounds or farm-ins. We have also visited several data rooms in the Republic of the Congo and Gabon, but without submitting any bids.



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